Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems Consultancy services

  • Environmental management support,
  • Environmental management systems development, documentation,
    implementation, review and maintenance.
  • Environmental approvals, licencing, development applications(DA) compliance, management and reporting. o Environmental Risk Assessment(ERA).
  • Development and establishment of environmental management plans (EMPs)(Water, Air Quality, Biodiversity, Land/soil, Waste, etc) 
  • Contaminated land management and rehabilitation plans and approvals.
  • Conduct Social Impact Assessments for developmental projects. 
  • Environmental compliance audits. 
  • Conducting Environmental Due Diligence study.
  • Environmental rehabilitation risk assessments.
  • Environmental rehabilitation management planning, rehab characterisation and rehabilitation strategy implementation.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  • Ensuring Environmental Certification Audit readiness.
  • Onsite Environmental Coordinator/Advisor services. 
  • Environmental sampling, testing, analysis, interpretation and reporting for environmental reporting and compliance.

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